The teachers and staff are amazing and over the 2 years we have been there the knowledge my daughter has gained is priceless. I will miss my second family alot

Our daughter, Kora, has been attending Active Explorers for a year and a half now. She thrives in this environment and we see how well she is progressing with her social and cognitive skills. The team at Active Explorers encourage her to explore and discover, and we feel that Kora has flourished in this wonderful and nurturing environment.

The staff are always so friendly and we appreciate very much the feedback we receive about our daughter's day, as well as the fun stories uploaded onto the Storypark App. Thank you for making us, as parents, feel part of Kora's day even though we are not there.

Leanne Jacobs

I have both of my daughters in Active Explorers Grey Street. Sophie in the over 2's and Maddie in the under 2's. Both myself and the girls absolutely love it here. The entire team are so friendly and welcoming and the environment is fun and engaging. I love that the team keep me up to date with pictures and fun stories about what the girls have been getting up to and what learning adventures they have had.
The team in the Under 2's room are extremely loving and caring, making it very easy to leave your littlest in their safe and nurturing hands. Sophie is absolutely thriving in the Over 2's room. They are constantly having adventures and learning through wonderful play opportunities. I know she is going to be well set up and more than ready for school when the time comes. Most days I barely get a goodbye from Sophie as she runs off into the room, excited for the day ahead. You really know your children and comfortable and happy when that happens!
I really can't say enough about the entire team at Active Explorers and would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a fun, safe, welcoming centre for their little ones.

Sarah Skilton

Active Explorers has become Maggie's 'home away from home' since she was 6 months old. We have loved watching her grow, with the support of the teachers, into a social, independent, happy and confident little girl.

We love that the staff accommodate for Maggie's needs and her strengths and interests. She is always stimulated, engaged and nurtured. It has been a fantastic place for her to play, learn and grow.

Maggie enjoys to spend a lot of time outdoors, learning new skills and loves to sing and dance which makes Active Explorers her ideal environment!

Vanessa Young

Our daughter has been with Active Explorers for 3 years and In that time she has grown into a confident, smart and resilient young girl. She has learnt how to build relationships with a diverse range of children and enjoys the variety of actlvities provided by the centre. We also like the off site activities that are of fered and the opportunity for us to be involved in these activities. The teachers at Active Explorers are caring, supportive and encouraging. We appreciate the communication with the teachers through Storypark and also their ability to communicate with us personally on a daily basis, we love to hear the stories of what our daughter has been doing during her time at day care. As parents, we feel like a part of the centre family and appreciate how involved we can be with our daughters learning and progression. 

Adrianna Simons

I have been apart of the Active Explorer's, Grey Street whanau for four years. During these four years we have watched together as my oldest Ebonii-Jo blossomed into a beautiful, kind and compassionate wee girl. During her learning journey I have worked closely with her kaiako as they have helped her to develop her leadership skills, communication skills and emotional and social competencies. It doesn't stop here! They also provide a program that allows Ebonii-Jo to prepare for school by providing set days for homework and lunch boxes. Not only does this prepare her for school but it diminishes any anxiety that she may have had regarding school and increases her excitement and impatience for starting school. As a parent this is something that I treasure dearly as they leave me with only one worry which is picking a school for Ebonii-Jo to attend. 

We also cherish watching my youngest Aurora's first mile stones together and enjoy daily conversations about where she is, both at home and at the centre. Already at the age of 1, the team have helped her developed her fine and gross motor skills and expose Aurora to rich experiences that develop her funds of knowledge and her enthusiasm to be a participating learner in their environment and at home. 

The team at Grey Street go above and beyond for my girls and always makes us feel apart of their whanau and I am proud to say that they are a part of ours. There is no body else I would rather care for my children as I know they love them as their own and I have seen the continuous quality service they provide through their teaching teams and program and planning. Allowing my girls to be the best that they can be, as they develop into confident and competent learners. 


We have been with Active Explores Grey Street for three years. I have two children attending Active Explorers one in
each room. Over the last three years, I have felt a vast support from all of the staff.

My children have learnt a range of skills including many different cultural values and beliefs. My children have also learnt to be caring, supportive and kind. Each day during drop of and pickup I witness a close group environment where everyone works together to ensure a safe, happy and friendly environment.

My First child started when she was one and straight away she started learning various things, she could reiterate songs and got to do a wide range of activities which weren't possible at home. Since then she has grown even more and gets to experience many varieties of play, she also has a great relationship with the teachers and gets along with all of the children. Active explorers has helped shape her into a kind, loving and gentle little glrl.

My second child started active explorers at only 3 1/2 months old, this was extremely hard for me, however the great care and support network helped tremendously, active explorers catered to our every needs and I am beyond thankful for this. Staff were extremely supportive of my study and my wants for my child.

One of the great things about Active explorers is the meals, an amazing lady makes 3 home made meals a day, this means I do not have to worry about lunchboxes and I know my children are getting adequate healthy and nutritious food which is the same as every other child.

I could not recommend Active Explorers enough.


My little Madilyn has been attending Active Explorers Grey Street since she was 7 months old.

Putting Madilyn into a daycare was such a nerve racking time for me.  Trying to find the perfect centre for my baby, somewhere she would feel safe.

From the first day I visited Active Explorers I knew it was the centre for us.  The team of teachers were so genuine!  They were understanding and caring which made the transition process for us a breeze, always listening and responding to my apprehensions.

Madilyn has absolutely flourished at Active Explorers.  She is now a confident 3 year old whom shows great social skills in the over 2s Kauri room.

The centre has an excellent philosophy "Being ready willing and able". Which is reflected in the children play.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this centre to my friends and family.

Meagan Graham

Being a first time mum and returning to work was always going to be daunting. The moment I stepped foot into Active Explorers Grey Street I knew it was going to be the beginning of a great new chapter. Lily is stimulated, engaged and nurtured, so it is a fantastic place for her to play, learn and grow. We feel very fortunate that she is being so well cared for by attentive and kind people in what has become a home away from home. Lily has formed close relationships with her teachers, but also as a parent I have too. It warms my soul to see Lily thrive and build new relationships and be celebrated as an individual. Thank you to all staff for providing such a great experience for lily and us as parents. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. 


Very friendly, committed and spacious learning environment for the children to learn. I've seen great improvement with my child. He has picked up new things and enjoys going to school!

Kevin Nambasai

Our daughter started with Active Explorers Grey St at a wee age of six months old. As first time parents, returning to the workforce and leaving our baby with anyone was a challenge. The team at Lollipops Grey Street have been amazing throughout this initial transition, and the second transition of our wee girl moving to the over 2's. She has developed so much since commencing care with Active Explorers. From her language development, understanding of numbers, colours, shapes and other concepts, to general confidence and day to day behaviours, we are amazed everyday at everything she explores and learns throughout the day. The team have been incredibly supportive throughout her other phases such as toileting, leaving behind the bottle, and shortly the dummy. As a mum, the idea of leaving her with others during the day was filled with a lot of anxiety, but she loves going to daycare, and misses her friends and teaches when we have holiday breaks. We honestly cannot speak more highly of the center and know that she will continue to grow and develop there. 

Jamie Court
Grey St