What I love about this center is that they celebrate different festivities. I have also participated in a few and It makes me so happy to see the children excited and happy to be dressing up

Since Totoa has been here we have celebrated Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Diwali, Mataliki Day, Chinese New Years . Its just amazing to see them celebrate these important festivities and I do know that they will continue to.

Totoa has turned 5 and will start Primary school next year and I will like thank the staff for all their hard works thank you for teaching, caring for my little Totoa. People may not tell you every day how much you do for their children but please know that your hard work is noticed and very much appreciated

I will strongly recommend you to anyone.


Our two boys attend Active Explorers and we’ve seen them excel under their guidance.

The staff have been excellent; they are kind, professional and supportive and have have quickly become great mentors for the children. 


I enrolled my daughter Jia about 6 weeks ago. She was new in the country when she started here and I am happy that we chose this as her first childcare in New Zealand as it has turned out to be the best decision. When she started, she didn't know the language at all and hence settling her down was little more challenging compared to other kids. But the teachers in the centre are so supportive that they went extra mile to give her that level of comfort and not just took care of her but encouraged her to get involved in different activities and used multiple ways to communicate with her. The teachers are so friendly with her that she settled down really quickly and even on the weekends she is talking about going to school now!! I can see that my daughter is learning something new every day and that’s what we want as parents. Thanks you!!!


My name is Rosita Tangi and my daughter Totoa Tangi has been attending since Janurary 2014 .

The day I decided to take Totoa to this center I not only wished that she will be well taken care of but to also learn and grow in this center. I could say it was the best choice I made to bring her to this center. Totoa is always looking forward to go to school every morning. She loves her teachers and friends and will tell me how her day went

I have watched her grow and I do know that the teachers in the center have helped her become the person she is today. So full of energy, confident and cheerful Totoa is a very helpful little girl and loves to learn new things. I believe that the teachers do play a huge role into preparing her for primary school.

I am truly grateful for these wonderful teachers, my daughter spends most the day with these teachers and they have been truly amazing



Shakira had a great start on her first day at primary school yesterday without an orientation! Huge thank you to the team for being part of Shakira's learning journey. Shakira has developed her social skills, independence, speech and learning to share with the other kids at this centre.

Being a busy parent is important to choose a daycare that will make a big impact on your kids learning journey and I will highly recommend you to any of my friends and work mates.



I just wanted to thank you and the teachers so much for all your help with Bethany and Daycare. You all are so wonderful and attentive. She has grown leaps and bounds just from being there with you all in the past year. Thank you again for all your help and hard work with her. xox God Bless.

Holly Schwalger

I would like to mention that he had such a great time and lot of learning in your centre. You and your teacher’s are doing great work in making centre a fun and vibrant place for all the children. Tejas has gained so much confidence and this make us all proud. Keep the good work up.


Tomorrow will be Adele's last day and I sincerely want to thank every one of you as part of Adele's extended family. To all her friends and their families - thank you for being part of our lives, we often hear stories about you during the weekend and I know how much your children love and care for Adele, some of the older ones give Adele a pat or kiss on the head goodnight! Which is just awesome! It has been a pleasure to receive hugs, smiles and watch your children grow alongside ours. To the fabulous team - every hour of every day that Adele has been in your care over the last year has been crucial to her amazing development. Your care, love, understanding and desire to give these children only the best is evident and I truly can't thank you all enough for everything you have unlocked in Adele. You have been encouraging and supportive with our views/feedback and we can only recommend/advocate for the center.

Adele, Krystal & Liam

Apologies for the late comment regarding mothers day but I wanted to say a huge thank you! It was my third mothers day celebrated at the centre and the staff and children always put in an amazing effort, this year was fantastic! The picture wall was a huge highlight. 

Mellisa and Nathan Belleville (Charlot and Connor’s Parents)