I am so happy to find a place that I can trust feel comfortable to leave my baby in good hands.

I was a little bit concerned how we would settle but he’s doing so well and he’s loving this new environment and the teachers, they’re lovely. I can notice that he trust them. The staff is awesome.

Thank you for the support especially because we are overseas and we feel like we can count on you.

Also, he loves the food, everything looks delicious, always.


Our daughter started going to Active Explorer since 17 months, she absolutely love being in the preschool. The teachers are friendly, caring and professional.

Our little girl has made some amazing friends and learning new things every day. Her interpersonal skill has developed a lot. She is always happy talking about the preschool. It is great to see that the preschool is maintaining the high standard.

Lisa Nahida

We are grandparents raising babies for the second time. The team at Active Explorers have helped us so much. The have made us feel like a family, the children are the main top priority, to help them feel loved and welcomed to play/sit and watch at their own pace. “When I drop the children off I feel like I am visiting friends” I really don’t know how we would have gotten through the past six months without the team at Active Explorers Central City.  From the Grandparents

Grandparents of Children at Active Explorers Central City  

Both our children love their time at Active Explorers Central City! Every day is different with activities designed to get them moving and keep their minds stimulated. The staff have been professional and flexible in meeting the challenging schedule of our growing family. We would certainly recommend Active Explorers Central City to any parents looking for a safe environment to place their children.

Happy Parent

We have two children attending Active Explorers Central City and we love the nurturing, educational environment that is provided by staff across the three different rooms. As a whanau of both Maori/Samoan heritage we love the efforts made to share and celebrate in different cultures. Thank you Active Explorers Central City!

Moke Family

Our daughter started at Active Explorers Central City when she was six months old.  Naturally we were nervous around picking the right centre to care for her, however the staff are so friendly and caring, we couldn't be happier with the choice we made.  Over a year later she is so happy in the centre, she loves all the activities they do, especially the songs, water play and mealtimes.  We love seeing her grow in confidence and develop new interests.

Skinner Family

My daughter loves the group times and Playball. The Kapa haka group is awesome too, I never knew my daughter could be so great at it! The teachers are all very nice and caring. The centre has Storypark and the teachers post on it very often. All of these things prove very popular with the parents.

Happy Parent

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I love and appreciate that both our children come home every day having learnt something new!

Kirsten Hall

Active Explorers Central City is like a little family. I feel my child Callum has learned a lot and come a long way during the time he spends in the creche. It is also reasonably priced and the teachers do an amazing job. Thank you!

Holly Robinson

Our daughter attended Active Explorers Central City for two months, while our family was visiting Christchurch from overseas. The facilities and staff were friendly and capable. We were pleased that our daughter experienced New Zealand culture and learned a few Maori words. Payments were affordable and easy. We would definitely recommend Active Explorers Central City to other families.

Joshua Davis

I was nervous about making the right decision for my children in terms of childcare, I don't know what parent isn't. But Active Explorers Central City provide such a loving environment that I felt secure in the knowledge my children were with people who really cared for them - both teachers as well as support staff. Best of all they provided my children with nutritious meals so I knew they were getting all the vitamins they needed - we all know how hard it can be to get them to eat their vegetables at home! I could also rest assured knowing they were having a ball while mum and dad were at work. Isn't that what you want as a parent?


I currently have two children attending Active Explorers Central City. The staff have always been so welcoming, accommodating and thoroughly professional. We have really appreciated how the teachers tell us about our child's day and keep us up to date with their playing, learning and any funny moments that have happened. My children come home talking about their teachers and their friends at pre-school, singing songs they have learnt and in our case, lots of art work! That is the biggest recommendation - that our children love it there!