Our Rooms

We have three separate rooms, enabling teachers to provide appropriate experiences, routines, and environments suitable to each child. Our toddler (Māhuri) and preschool (Rākau) rooms share the same outdoor space, giving the added benefit of mixed-age play for children to learn from each other and extend their relationships (tuakana-teina). 

Transitioning between rooms is flexible - we move at each child's individual pace and transition them when they are showing they are ready for the next step. A benefit of our toddler room (Māhuri) which allows us to have a mixture of unders and overs in this space, allows for a transitioning process to fully meet the developing needs of younger children. Once transition starts, the process usually takes two weeks, as we support children in getting to know the room and teachers (kaiako) well before they actually move.

Kākano 0-2 years

In Kākano we are focused on providing an environment where children (tamariki) develop a sense of mana whenua (belonging) as they begin their learning journey. 

Teachers (kaiako) provide a nurturing environment for our tamariki through developing strong respectful and responsive relationships with the tamariki and their whānau. Kaiako create opportunities for curiosity, fun and wonder!

Māhuri 22m-3.5years

In Māhuri we are focused on providing an environment where tamariki can explore and take risks as they develop their social competence and confidence whilst continuing on their learning journey.  

Kaiako positively guide tamariki by providing a rich programme of fun, creative experiences which help to develop the importance of relationships. 

Rākau 3-5years

In Rākau we are focused on providing an environment where tamariki can flourish and extend their social emotional, problem-solving skills before heading onto their next learning journey at Kura (school). 

Kaiako support tamariki to develop through everyday experiences. Excursions in the local community, ensure that there is a lot of fun on their learning journey.