I always recommend Active Explorers to all my mum friends because I absolutely love the fun and safe space they have created for both the babies and the over 2s.  We have been a part of the Active Explorer’s family for around 18 months now.

Since my son has moved into the over 2’s room he is just thriving and I feel so confident leaving him knowing he is well cared for and looked after.  He has made so many new friends and has come right out of his shell.  Every day he comes home with new words and skills and I have an amazing team of teachers to thank.  They put so much time and effort into him and I could not thank them enough.  I love how the kids are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  The meals are well thought out and they offer a variety of healthy foods that keep the children thriving all day.  I also love how seriously they take sun smart, especially on these hotter days.

These days it is hard to get my son to come home, he just wants to stay and have fun with all his friends and teachers.  For a parent, it is the best thing to know they are comfortable and safe.  I also love how friendly and chatty the staff are on pickups and drop off.  It is a really beautiful community that I am so grateful to be a part of😊


Where do I begin to express my gratitude?

For some time now the wonderful team at Active Explorers Victoria Avenue have given my little one and the whanau, consistent support, and empathy.  They have enabled my little one to express herself in the things she loves to do. The centre has a good assortment of educational activities, art, and outdoor play.

Over the years my little one has grown into a loving, smart and adventurous explorer.  I love to hear her singing her favourite te reo waiata and see the mountain loads of art she brings home every day. She loves going to “school” and even tries to go on the weekends.

It has been an amazing journey with an awesome team.  I am truly grateful.


It was the best move we ever made for our son, his passion for learning is entirely due to the teachers who are always really encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

What a difference Active Explorers Victoria Avenue has made for our son and our family.


We joined active explorers when our son was 14 months old and since then, the centre has become our second family. 


From the first time we entered the centre for a tour, we were greeted with happy teachers, happy children and a very warm and welcoming environment . It is like a home away from home. The whole team are absolutely fantastic and their communication is excellent. 

I love being able to drop our son at daycare knowing he is in a caring and great learning environment, where he is able to experience different things and be creative in a safe space.  The centre continues to offer wonderful and new activities for the children and I have seen my son’s confidence really build since being there. 

I love that the teachers are so passionate and dedicated to providing a warm, interactive and fun filled education and where the teachers work to build strong and well-maintained relationships with each and every one of the children as individuals.

With nutritional meals provided, a safe and loving environment and centre values that align with our own values, I would not hesitate to recommend active explorers, Victoria Avenue. 


We've been a part of the Victoria Ave, Active Explorers whanau for just over 9 years. It was the low ratios and close knit environment that attracted us. The freshly cooked meals offer a variety of different foods and my son's dietary needs have always been met without an issue. There's not many centres around which include the cost of nappies, freshly cooked meals, low ratios and an enthusiastic teaching team. I'd recommend putting this one on your list to visit!


Since my son has started at Active Explorers, it has definitely enhanced his learning and development with everyday essentials.  By essentials I mean, he has learnt to sit at the table, is starting to say more and more words daily.  My son who is now 16 months has established a routine, for this I am forever grateful.  He enjoys his naps every day now and I genuinely believe this is because of the environment he is in Monday to Friday.  His teachers are so understanding with his learning capabilities and just allow him to develop in his own time.  Not only are they awesome with my son but they make me feel comfortable enough to want to stay back and hang out every day.  The teachers greet me with a hello every morning and afternoon and are super friendly,  attentive and genuine.  I would highly recommend Active Explorers Victoria!! I have to just add, the fact that they have meals set daily for the children is awesome.  It has helped with lowering stress for both my partner and I.  As parents we are super picky in ensuring our son receives the best care and education….all I’m going to say is, this is the longest he has stayed in a centre.

Dakota and Jermaine

Our son has grown so much during his time at Active Explorers. The level of care and learning he has received has been amazing.  He has recently moved up to TPT and the transition was made so easy with the help and support of all his teachers. He continues to astound me with all that he learns in your care both academically and culturally and we love the days when he comes home messy and tired from having so much fun with you. 

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help make him the confidant and caring little man he is today!

Katherine and Matthew

Active Explorers Victoria Ave is not just a daycare centre, it is a family. It is reassuring to know that my toddler is surrounded by loving caring teachers and children who are so eager to help him learn and progress. All the teachers in the centre are aware of all kids in the centre even if they aren’t in the same class, this just shows how caring they are! Seeing how proud his teachers are of him and how supportive they are makes the centre the best choice we could have made.

Morghann McGregor

In two short years that our kids have been at Active Explorers Victoria Ave, we have seen them both blossom into amazing confident youngsters and we are grateful that this centre has helped to shape them. The amazing teachers and wonderful activities that our children partake in everyday has helped us to build a healthy future for them both. If anyone ever asks me where they go I am very quick to tell them Active Explorers on Victoria Ave, best teachers, best facilities and best activities. Thank you for helping us support Aurora and Hendrix.

Wendy Anderson & Mona TuFuga

We were very fortunate to be part of the Active Explorers family for four amazing years. The Centre felt like the right place for us from the moment we first visited, and our first impressions proved to be correct. Without exception, her teachers were caring, dedicated, and innovative in the way they supported Ella’s learning and development. The centre's approach to us as a family was inclusive and respectful and they worked to ensure that the relationship between the centre and our family was meaningful and supportive. Ella’s development and learning extended seamlessly between the centre and home – her teachers became an extension of our family and their relationships with Ella vitally important to her development.  

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending the Centre to other families. Putting your child into the care of someone else can be a tough decision to make, but the experience is incredibly positive when your child is cared for by a team like this one. 


The whole team are absolutely amazing. There dedication and learning environment they provide for our children is truly a credit to them all. They have a creative hands on teaching approach with the children. The Rising 5 programme has been very beneficial for Alec when started school in August allowing him to be willing, Able and ready for school. Story Park is a great tool to communicate the day to day activities our children get up to which we as parents miss while working, you still feel connected and you haven’t missed out on a big achievement or milestone they could of reached.

The relationship between the children and teachers still to this day amaze me especially since my two boys have been there from 10 months on and are now 5yrs & 3yrs old. The respect and that really caring connection they have is reassuring for a parent. You know you have made the right choice in childcare when your children don't want to come home cause they are having too much fun with there friends and teachers!

Rebecca Gregory

I like to think of Active Explorers as our second home. Being with them for almost three years, we have gained a sense of belonging and connection with all staff and can tell our children's learning is valued. I often think 'would my kids know what she does now, if she were at home with me all these years?'. For me this has been a big investment that I will never regret! The centre make such an effect to incorporate all family and cultures into events, such as GUFF day, Matariki and other various occasions, that it is something to look forward to each year. I always feel up to date with what my children are learning with the regular stories that are published on Storypark and chitchats with the staff. I have referred various people to the centre as I am confident they will love it as much as me!

Alisha Paewai

I have been privileged to be part of the Active Explorers whanau now for about 14 months. His love of te reo maori has been fully supported and his ability to say his mihi and lead karakia has blown me away. The communication has been great and i enjoy the conversations between teachers. I am always informed about how he’s doing and what he has done during the day and he will still venture back to visit which we think is pretty neat. Seth has grown so much in his time at Active Explorers and I know he will be well prepared for when goes to school with the support of the rising 5's. A big thank you to all the team for taking such great care of our pepi and laying down the foundations for his learning journey.

Stacey Thompson