Our Rooms

Active Explorers Upper Hutt has four separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

There is a crossover of ages in all of our rooms as the children transition between the rooms when they are ready - some move earlier, some move later. The Kaiako work in collaboration with parents and really follow the child’s lead when transitioning to the next room. We have four spacious play spaces and they are linked by two large outdoor play areas. Our children enjoy year round indoor/outdoor play. Our environments are set up with both individual children and groups of children in mind. This ensures the individual learning needs of all children are catered for.

Kaiwhakahoahoa Room

Catering for our children from birth to 2,  the environment in the Kaiwhakahoahoa Room is natural and cosy. There is time and space for children to move at their own pace. We follow the individual routine of each child and our teaching practices are influenced by the RIE philosophy. Our children are loved and nurtured as they make discoveries on their own learning journey.

Kaitoro Room

This warm and welcoming space is for our children aged from around 13 months up to 3 years. In the Kaitoro Room, children are encouraged to learn through play. Teachers nurture and guide children as they make discoveries about their own boundaries and the boundaries of others. Children spend time building social relationships and discovering their own sense of independence and self.  Children are encouraged to explore their imagination through the use of natural resources and loose parts.

Tamariki Kaha Room

Tamariki Kaha is home to our children from around 2.5 to 4 years of age. Here our Kaiako nurture tamariki through a focus on fostering independence, self-help and social skills. Tamariki learn through play and are given time and space to work on problem solving, building friendships, and exploring their own interests, while making links between the centre and home. We celebrate the many diverse cultures, and our children enjoy learning new waiata and simple Maori phrases throughout their routines and play. Children are given the opportunity to go on excursions, exploring our local community and wider environment.

Kaiarahi Room

Designed for our 3.5 to 5 year olds, the Kaiarahi Room environment is rich in literacy and numeracy. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively in groups and also independently, making discoveries about the world around them.  Kaiako support children in enhancing independence skills, as they become role models and leaders alongside their peers. Children develop a sense of confidence and autonomy while exploring concepts of school readiness through play, role modelling, leadership, relationships, and responsibility. Children enjoy regular excursions, enhancing their enjoyment of the wider community.