I wanted to take a quick moment to sincerely thank you all for the care given to Mason these last few years.  I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, patience and love, giving Mason everything, he needed to learn whilst having fun. 

The strategies put in place for Mason have worked better than I could’ve hoped, and the results speak for themselves.  I love hearing and seeing his creativity grow and will forever cherish his master pieces.

He in now able to explain his feeling instead of getting worked up into frenzy that it turns to custard for the rest of the day – which was a huge thing. 

Thank you for giving him a sense of belonging and for encouraging him to be independent and find his own way around things.

Mason is excited for this next chapter and I can’t wait to see him change in this time. Although I am struggling to come to terms that my baby is now a big boy, I know he will be fine!

Andrew and Maddie

I've actually been really lucky to have discovered Active Explorers Tai Tapu, because it has given me such joy to have trusted the place so much. I love the feeling that whenever I am leaving my kids there, I know they are having a good time. It's reasonably small. Kids know each other, parents get to know each other. The centre manager cares about the place and works hard to keep it a place where people are happy. I love the place. My kids love the place. I know that several of the teachers genuinely love the place. Some of my friends whose children go there love the place. Thank you, Active Explorers Tai Tapu

I am very happy with Active Explorers Tai Tapu. They are so friendly and welcoming, my kids are so happy to be left and they always tell us about the fun day they've had when they get home. The manager and staff are all lovely and very welcoming and enthusiastic.

Julie Mills

Amazing! We’re loving the increasing use of Story Park and group stories, and the amazing individualised support the team have put in to help Felix.

George Anderson

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Active Explorers Tai Tapu. Max has been with the centre for three years or so and has had some wonderful teachers in this time – he’s loved it and has made some great friendships and had lots of fun! In particular, it has been great to see all the positive changes over the last six months. The staff and management are always so friendly and accommodating – so a BIG THANK YOU to an awesome team. It’s sad to say goodbye!

Verity Bloy

Just wanted to put a word out there in case someone is looking for a lovely preschool: Active Explorers in Tai Tapu. They have had my children there for two years and I really like it! This is such a wonderful preschool! 

I love that when I pick my children up in the afternoon they tell me with excitement about the stuff they've done. There's a constant rotation of activities, sometimes there are outings (my son is still raving about a bus trip they did months ago), bouncy castle for Christmas etc. There's a Transition To School room where 4-year-olds go each morning to practice their letters and numbers and other school skills; in a reasonably quiet, small group environment that gets them ready for school.

I've become friends with several of the teachers there and it has given me an insight into why teachers like this preschool, too. Staff turnaround is low and people stay there for years. Also, my son has several special education therapists who have visited the preschool as part of their work (physiotherapy, speech therapy etc) and they have all said that my children are very lucky to be in such a wonderful preschool.

Maria Grace
Tai Tapu