The first thing I noticed and loved was how diverse the centre is! My son loved it & if I’m being honest, the only thing that’s held me back from ever putting him into daycare was me & my separation anxiety lol the teachers were very interactive with my son & myself which I loved too.

Active Explorers Swanson Parent

Absolutely love this daycare. My daughter has been attending here just over a year since she was 10 months old.

Her confidence has sky rocketed due to the excellent teachers she has, and her learning and ability to do so many things has developed so quickly due to all the activities and time they spend with the kids. Plenty of messy play, outdoor play etc.

Great food cooked by the center cook as well and a good range for the kids.

Highly recommend this center if you're looking for a center with great teachers, a wide range of activity and learning opportunities and a safe space for your children :)

Sam Mooney

My one and only princess Julliana started with them this year. At first I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve been thinking they were simply just babysitters. .However, she has been improving in so many ways and it changed my perception of them. I have learned that they are highly qualified professionals. So far, Julliana shows huge improvements in not only her social development but also her cognitive skills thanks to their daily activities and programs at school. Highly recommended and Julliana’s unborn younger siblings will definitely be attending this centre. I am more focused at work now knowing my baby is surrounded by lovely professionals in an amazing safe surrounding throughout the day.

Sonatane Lui

I believe it is a great learning environment for kids, is well run and has well invested teachers. 

Andrew Barker

100 % Praise

We have felt so positive about Hunter's time at Active Explorers so far and family members who interact with the centre are equally impressed. The teachers in Mana Teina and Mana Tuakana are WONDERFUL! A big thank you to all the staff:
Eliana for her help with the stress and tears of morning drop offs
lndi for her warm inviting cuddles and happy nature, Cherie for her welcome distraction techniques of feeding the frogs or other such tasks and
Irene for her constant calm and steady manner.

A big thanks also to the additional support staff helping out with the toddlers and for looking after their meals. You have all helped my son develop and grow and shape him into the loving boy he is today.

Additionally, I am impressed with the rate that resources are updated, replaced or added to. I would not hesitate to recommend the centre to anyone.

Active Explorers Swanson Parent

We have been with the centre for the last 5 years.  The staff have been freindly and are very lovely.  My kids love everyone that has looked after them.

Jodi Ward

Active Explorers have been a God send for my two wee ones.  I'm so happy with the care and love given to my children.  The support they have provided to them to develop into confident, independent, happy kids is awesome.  Thank-you


I have always looked after my children at home being a stay at home Mum, the time came where I had to go back into the work force and put my 18 month old twins and 4 year old into daycare.  I choose to put them into this daycare as the staff were friendly, were welcoming and made me and my children feel comfortable in this centre.  From day one the staff have nurtured my children, kept me informed, cared for and loved my children.  I would recommend this centre to other parents as I know it is hard to leave your children but here is the right place.

Maretta Leapai

I'm so glad we chose Active Explorers as the centre to look after our son when I returned to work. The teachers made our son's transition from one centre to this one so easy. He was comfortable from day one in such a fun and caring environment. We cannot thank the teachers enough for helping us shape the fun, caring, smart little man we have today.

Anna North

I love how all the teachers teach and interact with my daughter.  All meals for the day are provided, which is very helpful.

Amy Brent-Jones