The progress my children have made while at Active Explorers Ashburton is incredible. The Social interactions, structure and stimulation my children have received is invaluable and to a child trying to find their place in the world there is nothing better than that friendly face or guiding hand helping you along the way.

From the Nursery right through to the extension room, the kids are loved and guided each day. Seeing my girl light up when she sees her favourite teacher or her wanting to take something in to show the team, the stories and the cuddles she gives – this shows how much this team at means to her and how comfortable and happy she is to have them in her life. The team love the kids as if they are their own and I personally love them for it – I wouldn't leave my kids with anybody else.

I find Active Explorers Asburton fantastic for my girls, as there always seems to be something new and exciting for them to do and explore. For me as a parent the thing that makes this centre so great is the team that works there. They are a team passionate about fueling young minds, and do a wonderful job in coaching and nurturing the children. They show love and respect to all families, and I now consider them all a part of my family.

For me as a parent leaving my kids with anybody is a big struggle. The team take away the stress and mummy guilt, as I know my girls are as happy and as loved as they would be at home. Just knowing this makes everything that much easier.


Brenda Kinsgford

I love the organised yet loving feel of Active Explorers Asburton as soon as I entered the preschool, the children are loved as the as the individuals they are. I love the big outdoor areas, catering to different personalities with big sandpits, bars, slides etc and having the quiet and reading areas too. I am very happy with Active Explorers Asburton and the programme they offer.