I am so happy to find a place that I can trust feel comfortable to leave my baby in good hands.

I was a little bit concerned how we would settle but he’s doing so well and he’s loving this new environment and the teachers, they’re lovely. I can notice that he trust them. The staff is awesome.

Thank you for the support especially because we are overseas and we feel like we can count on you.

Also, he loves the food, everything looks delicious, always.


We are so grateful for the support we have received during Mako’s time at Active Explorers. He has learnt something from each and every one of you. Thank you for always running with his interests and providing him with genuine nurture and care. This is a very special place and we are so glad that we chose it for our two boys. Thanks again. Mako is super happy he gets to come back and visit when we pick up Jet 😊

Rachel & Ash

Our daughter started going to Active Explorer since 17 months, she absolutely love being in the preschool. The teachers are friendly, caring and professional.

Our little girl has made some amazing friends and learning new things every day. Her interpersonal skill has developed a lot. She is always happy talking about the preschool. It is great to see that the preschool is maintaining the high standard.

Lisa Nahida

We are grandparents raising babies for the second time. The team at Active Explorers have helped us so much. The have made us feel like a family, the children are the main top priority, to help them feel loved and welcomed to play/sit and watch at their own pace. “When I drop the children off I feel like I am visiting friends” I really don’t know how we would have gotten through the past six months without the team at Active Explorers Central City.  From the Grandparents

Grandparents of Children at Active Explorers Central City  

Absolutely love this daycare. My daughter has been attending here just over a year since she was 10 months old.

Her confidence has sky rocketed due to the excellent teachers she has, and her learning and ability to do so many things has developed so quickly due to all the activities and time they spend with the kids. Plenty of messy play, outdoor play etc.

Great food cooked by the center cook as well and a good range for the kids.

Highly recommend this center if you're looking for a center with great teachers, a wide range of activity and learning opportunities and a safe space for your children :)

Sam Mooney

My one and only princess Julliana started with them this year. At first I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve been thinking they were simply just babysitters. .However, she has been improving in so many ways and it changed my perception of them. I have learned that they are highly qualified professionals. So far, Julliana shows huge improvements in not only her social development but also her cognitive skills thanks to their daily activities and programs at school. Highly recommended and Julliana’s unborn younger siblings will definitely be attending this centre. I am more focused at work now knowing my baby is surrounded by lovely professionals in an amazing safe surrounding throughout the day.

Sonatane Lui

The staff at Active Explorers are so kind and have a genuine interest in the kids. It's not just a job. I can rest assured they care about my son. The Centre Manager is lovely, friendly, approachable and flexible. I also love that they are given a healthy home-cooked meals by the talented chef Csilla. 

Louise Arden

We would like to thank you for incredible care, dedication and love to our daughter and other kids. It has been an amazing experience for her, her very first English-speaking society experience and a great way to adopt in New Zealand. As parents, we noticed a significant improvement in her speaking, social skills, crafting, drawing and other aptitudes. Our special appreciation goes to all the Pohutukawa teachers.

Ardak Zhunussov & Polina Vorobeva

Active Explorers is just an amazing place. All 3 of my children have gone through here and had the best time. There are always exciting activities and experiences for them to do. The educators are like a second family to us, always smiling and engaging when ever we walk in the door. They always keep me informed with my child's achievements and asking for my input for areas my child may need assistance in. I'm very grateful for everything they do.


Kylie Brill

My daughter has been part of the Active Explorers family for nearly a year now and I have absolutely adored watching her grow and develop with the gentle guidance of her teachers.

She has learnt routines that I have since implemented at home because they work so well for her. Her teachers have catered to her individual needs so well to ensure she feels safe and supported as she continues to reach new milestones. I know she is loved and supported so well every day that she is with her daycare family, and I am so grateful to have had such incredible people looking after my girl! Thank you for imparting the best of yourselves into my daughter, we are so blessed to have all in our lives. 



Jorgi Lee