I always recommend Active Explorers to all my mum friends because I absolutely love the fun and safe space they have created for both the babies and the over 2s.  We have been a part of the Active Explorer’s family for around 18 months now.

Since my son has moved into the over 2’s room he is just thriving and I feel so confident leaving him knowing he is well cared for and looked after.  He has made so many new friends and has come right out of his shell.  Every day he comes home with new words and skills and I have an amazing team of teachers to thank.  They put so much time and effort into him and I could not thank them enough.  I love how the kids are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  The meals are well thought out and they offer a variety of healthy foods that keep the children thriving all day.  I also love how seriously they take sun smart, especially on these hotter days.

These days it is hard to get my son to come home, he just wants to stay and have fun with all his friends and teachers.  For a parent, it is the best thing to know they are comfortable and safe.  I also love how friendly and chatty the staff are on pickups and drop off.  It is a really beautiful community that I am so grateful to be a part of😊


Where do I begin to express my gratitude?

For some time now the wonderful team at Active Explorers Victoria Avenue have given my little one and the whanau, consistent support, and empathy.  They have enabled my little one to express herself in the things she loves to do. The centre has a good assortment of educational activities, art, and outdoor play.

Over the years my little one has grown into a loving, smart and adventurous explorer.  I love to hear her singing her favourite te reo waiata and see the mountain loads of art she brings home every day. She loves going to “school” and even tries to go on the weekends.

It has been an amazing journey with an awesome team.  I am truly grateful.


It was the best move we ever made for our son, his passion for learning is entirely due to the teachers who are always really encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

What a difference Active Explorers Victoria Avenue has made for our son and our family.


We joined active explorers when our son was 14 months old and since then, the centre has become our second family. 


From the first time we entered the centre for a tour, we were greeted with happy teachers, happy children and a very warm and welcoming environment . It is like a home away from home. The whole team are absolutely fantastic and their communication is excellent. 

I love being able to drop our son at daycare knowing he is in a caring and great learning environment, where he is able to experience different things and be creative in a safe space.  The centre continues to offer wonderful and new activities for the children and I have seen my son’s confidence really build since being there. 

I love that the teachers are so passionate and dedicated to providing a warm, interactive and fun filled education and where the teachers work to build strong and well-maintained relationships with each and every one of the children as individuals.

With nutritional meals provided, a safe and loving environment and centre values that align with our own values, I would not hesitate to recommend active explorers, Victoria Avenue. 


We've been a part of the Victoria Ave, Active Explorers whanau for just over 9 years. It was the low ratios and close knit environment that attracted us. The freshly cooked meals offer a variety of different foods and my son's dietary needs have always been met without an issue. There's not many centres around which include the cost of nappies, freshly cooked meals, low ratios and an enthusiastic teaching team. I'd recommend putting this one on your list to visit!


The first thing I noticed and loved was how diverse the centre is! My son loved it & if I’m being honest, the only thing that’s held me back from ever putting him into daycare was me & my separation anxiety lol the teachers were very interactive with my son & myself which I loved too.

Active Explorers Swanson Parent

My boys have absolutely loved going to Active Explorers in Kaiapoi. The teachers there are totally amazing. They are all so caring, friendly and go the extra mile for the kids. Their outdoor play is fabulous. The environment is warm and inviting and I would highly recommend the preschool to anyone.


All of the teachers at Active Explorers are lovely people. They are easy to communicate with and they really care about the children. My son always looks forward to going 💙


The teachers and staff are amazing and over the 2 years we have been there the knowledge my daughter has gained is priceless. I will miss my second family alot

We have great experiences with the centre, from the facilities to the educators and administration!