Active Explorers Airport has done an amazing job looking after my kids while I’m at work. They go on many outings and do a lot of arts and crafts and dress up days which is a fantastic educational opportunity for my kids. Regular photos of my kids are posted on the app Storypark so I get to see a few candid moments. I am grateful that I don’t need to worry after dropping them off in the morning

Billie-Jean Laing

Choosing a daycare for our little one was very stressful, but choosing Active Explorers Airport was the best decision we made for our 4 months old daughter. She started attending 2 weeks ago and since then she has truly grown so much being a part of such a loving and caring team. The Little Kiwi teachers have been wonderful not only at caring for Marley, but also at supporting us as we go through this big transition. We are so lucky to have them in our life and to be able to leave our daughter in such capable and loving hands on a daily basis. We highly recommend Active Explorers Airport to any parents looking for the perfect safe place for their children.

Manal and Greg Bradnam

For a first time mum I was so nervous about putting my little boy into full time care at only 5 months old, the ladies in the little kiwis room were amazing really put my mind at ease from day one and enabled me to return to work relaxed that he was in great hands. They are so friendly and know days when he needs a few more cuddles. The ladies helped me so much with tips and tricks for sleeping and feeding, teething etc and I luv hearing what the lil guy has been up to when I pick him up in the arvo, such a great team! Thank you so much.

Lachy's mum

Since day one the teachers have always shown such care and appreciation for the kids in their classroom.

They take their time to explain how my son is doing at day care, and we enjoy the story park stories they put together.

He has developed so quickly in the 6 months we have been taking him there and look forward to being part of the Active Explorers community until he is ready for school.


I would like to say how well and how much my daughter has learnt and progressed during her time at Active Explorers daycare. The teachers in supertots are amazing and so interactive with the children and my daughter absolutely loves them, I am truly pleased at how much she has learnt and how she interacts with other children, she surprises me each day! Truly thankful.


Active Explorers Airport is a fantastic establishment. As parents, we wanted Zara to feel comfortable in the environment that she spends most of her day in and we found a perfect match in Active Explorers Airport. The teachers take a genuine interest in the child's progress and help to not only educate but to build their confidence. Zara started at- Active Explorers Airport when she was two and will be turning four soon. We have enjoyed our journey with Active Explorers Airport and would highly recommend them.

Savio & Priyanka

My son thoroughly enjoys his time at Active Explorers in the Super Tots classroom. His teachers encourage his development in all aspects, and ensure that he is happy and having fun at the same time. We have open communication between home and daycare, and know that everyone is working for the best outcome for my son. It is great to see how happy all of the children are and the different learning experiences they are having.


In the short amount of time that Cassidy has been at Active Explorers her growth and development has been incredible. Her fine motor skills have developed and can now identify and write the letters of her name! Cassidy is building relationships with the teachers and students and feels a sense of belonging, as do I. I enjoy catching up with the teachers on pick up and drop off to see what Cassidy has been learning through the day.  I also love the updates during the day through Storypark. Even though Cassidy is only 3 I feel like she is well on her way to an excellent start to her education.  The teachers also extend on what we are learning at home, whether it's te reo maori or reading they get involved and we work together. I love the Active Explorers whanau. Keep up the great work team.


I always recommend Active Explorers to all my mum friends because I absolutely love the fun and safe space they have created for both the babies and the over 2s.  We have been a part of the Active Explorer’s family for around 18 months now.

Since my son has moved into the over 2’s room he is just thriving and I feel so confident leaving him knowing he is well cared for and looked after.  He has made so many new friends and has come right out of his shell.  Every day he comes home with new words and skills and I have an amazing team of teachers to thank.  They put so much time and effort into him and I could not thank them enough.  I love how the kids are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  The meals are well thought out and they offer a variety of healthy foods that keep the children thriving all day.  I also love how seriously they take sun smart, especially on these hotter days.

These days it is hard to get my son to come home, he just wants to stay and have fun with all his friends and teachers.  For a parent, it is the best thing to know they are comfortable and safe.  I also love how friendly and chatty the staff are on pickups and drop off.  It is a really beautiful community that I am so grateful to be a part of😊


Where do I begin to express my gratitude?

For some time now the wonderful team at Active Explorers Victoria Avenue have given my little one and the whanau, consistent support, and empathy.  They have enabled my little one to express herself in the things she loves to do. The centre has a good assortment of educational activities, art, and outdoor play.

Over the years my little one has grown into a loving, smart and adventurous explorer.  I love to hear her singing her favourite te reo waiata and see the mountain loads of art she brings home every day. She loves going to “school” and even tries to go on the weekends.

It has been an amazing journey with an awesome team.  I am truly grateful.