Common Questions

How does Active Explorers settle my child into the centre?

All children will be appointed a key caregiver who is responsible for their routine, settling in, individual discovery projects, development updates and parent induction. Young children can often find it challenging to settle into new and unfamiliar environments.

The settling process can be a distressing time for both you and your child, so having the key caregiver as a familiar point of contact helps to reduce stress and increase trust and excitement about starting at Active Explorers.

How can I help to settle my child into the centre?

We encourage parents to have a few short visits to the centre with their child before the first day. We have found this to be the best way to reduce stress felt by the child and reassures you that you are choosing the right centre for your family.

Our teachers work together with you to ensure your child has a great experience at Active Explorers right from the beginning. We want our staff to build trusting relationships and our reward is knowing all our children go home and tell you how much they love our centre!

Feel free to drop in or phone our centre whenever you like to enquire about the wellbeing of your child.

How can I make the goodbyes easier?

It is best if you devise a regular routine for saying goodbye that you discuss with your child before arriving at the centre. Some ways we suggest making goodbyes easier are:

  • Talk to your child about what activity you are going to do with them, such as staying to complete a puzzle or reading a story before saying goodbye.
  • Leave them with one of the teachers or some other children rather than just on their own
  • Always say bye in your own way and let them know you are going to leave but will be back later to pick them up. If your child gets upset at this point, we recommend sticking to your routine.
  • Always leave as soon as you have said your goodbyes.
  • Crying is normal when you leave, however this usually will stop soon afterwards as they get on with their day. Feel free to phone whenever you like to check on your child.
  • Keep the process short to minimise stress.
  • Children will pick up on your emotions about coming to the centre, if you are uneasy try to keep it from your child. Make sure you have positive conversations about the centre and always ask them how their day was when you pick them up.

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