Home grown salad sandwiches

Today we extended the children’s interest in the natural world and gardening, while also extending their skills at turn taking. We picked some of the lettuce out of our garden and made some sandwiches for afternoon tea. The children were very keen to came to help pick the lettuce out of the garden and we picked them we talked about the different types of lettuce and the colours.

Next, we headed to the kitchen to wash the lettuce. We supported and praised the children while waiting for their turn. The children then helped us set out the table with butter, lettuce, cheese and bread. We then all sat at the table to wait for a turn to make a sandwich. When it was their turn, we helped each child spread butter and then add the cheese and lettuce themselves, before adding another piece of bread on top.  They were excited when it was their turn to make a sandwich.   As they confidently placed the ingredients on their bread, we named and talked about the lettuce and cheese.

We then cut the sandwiches into triangles and offered them to the children for afternoon tea.

Ka rawe, the children were so enthusiastic during his activity and we loved the way they were able to wait for your turns when washing the lettuce and making the sandwiches.