Chinese New Year comes to Glenfield

新年好! Happy Chinese New Year! Here at our Active Explorers centres in Glenfield, our tamariki had so much fun during our Chinese New Year celebration. They were very keen to join all the activities.

Making the Loong/Dragon was a highlight for us as it is the year of dragon. They also had the opportunity to experience Chinese calligraphy using a Chinese writing brush (毛笔). Apart from these, they also made lanterns, paper fans and hand drums. To celebrate the Lantern Festival, our Tamariki dressed up in their traditional dress and did singing and dancing together. It was grateful to see everyone enjoy exploring the Chinese culture as well as sharing their own culture to the wider community!

Being able to experience their own culture and to show it to their peers empowered them to learn and play confidently. It also enhanced their sense of self-esteem. Our tamariki’s creativity, fine-motor skills and problem-solving skills are also improved through these activities.