Active Explorers Farnborough took a trip to Raglan

On Friday 13th April, a group of our older children, parents and teachers took a trip to Raglan beach as part of the Maui dolphin inquiry that the children from Active Explorers Farnborough had been involved with.

Firstly was a stop at Whale Bay, where the children were on the lookout for dolphins. Alas, no dolphins were in the bay this very windy black Friday, but the children got to watch some very brave surfers and sea birds.

Second stop was to the reserve for a lunch of fish and chips - yum!

Last stop was to visit the Whaingaroa Environment Centre which runs the 'Save the Maui Dolphin' Project. The children got to listen to a talk about the Maui Dolphin and were given some resources to share.

A great beginning to a real understanding of the plight of the Maui Dolphin.