This preschool has been such a wonderful preschool for my daughter and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during her time here. The staff are so lovely and easy to talk to, caring and devoted to my child. It is a welcoming environment and teachers keep up great communication. My daughter has grown in confidence and has learnt many valuable life skills there. I always feel secure in the fact that my daughter is being well looked after. 

Lizi Dawn

We love the open door policy my parents come and visit all the time and I feel happy we can be so welcome, I enjoying seeing my children on story park and being able to know what they do each day. We moved over recently and preschool had been so welcoming and helped us in many ways. Our daughter has developed confidences and speech and we love she has kind friends and bonds with the staff.

Paula Moses

A calm and peaceful place filled with laughter whenever we arrive and leave, the staff are welcoming and the environment is very clean. We love all the art they provide and how the children enjoy the outside environment all year round.

Salome Wate

Amazing teachers who understand my boys challenges, they show not only my son but also all our family respect, love and share knowledge. He has learned so much and continues grow everyday.

Angie Bruce

A loving, caring and homely environment, The teachers are professional and show kindness with all the children.

Natisha Archbold