Our People

Harpreet Kanwal, Centre Manager

What inspired you to become an early childhood teacher?

Growing up in a family of writers and educators, education has always part and parcel of my life. I have always been aware of the difference that quality education can make to an individual’s life. It becomes even more important that our young people get that solid foundation in their early years. Committed to providing the quality education and environment is what has driven me to become a teacher.

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years and love each day of my practice. I learn new things from children each day. Watching children learn and grow and being part of their learning journey is a very rewarding experience. Being a witness to the difference that quality early childhood education makes in a child’s life makes me feel proud and my job worthwhile.

What are three things that make your centre special?

Our centre has a very homely environment. Each of us in the teaching team take pride in what we do. Our centre is like one big family where teachers, parents and children all have a voice and it is valued. There is learning, fun and lots of laughs.

What is your ECE philosophy?

I believe that all children are individuals and they should be given the environment and experiences that will foster their individuality and help them feel secure, confident, resilient and competent to face the wider world as they grow older. I strongly believe in the element of risk taking as it lets children experiment with their existing abilities and develop some more. Learning should be fun, and it is through free play that children can have that fun.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I am not working, I like to read a good book, experiment with new recipes in the kitchen and spend time with my little one at home, mostly outdoors.

Bachelor of Education, Masters in English, Diploma in ECE .