We have found this centre excellent. No complaints, very well run and organised. The teachers are always willing to listen and they are understanding, friendly and approachable. 

Lisa Cumming

We believe teachers and staff are not praised as often as they should be because you are what help mould our future generations. Thank you for being a part of our boys lives, helping to develop them, cuddle and encourage them.  Over the last three years you have all become a part of our family and you have all helped raise our boys to be confident and fun loving by nurturing their needs, wants and desires.  It’s sad to say goodbye as they move onto another chapter in their lives.  But this is not goodbye it’s a see you later.

Thank you so much for the loving care and attention you have given Sarah over the last four years. The fact that she has come every day is a testament to the wonderful learning and social environment you have created at your centre.  Although she is excited about the new challenges of school, she will miss you all so very much.  Thank you for being such a big part of developing our keen, excitable, social kind girl.  We will miss you.

Truly a humble thank you for opening your doors and welcoming me into your centre. I have loved learning alongside your teaching team, you are all so talented and have inspired me as a new teacher to be the best teacher as I can.

To the whole Active Explorers Masterton team thank you so much for making Josh’s time at Active Explorers so special – for all the songs you sang, games you played, stories read, tears dried and questions answered.  It has been wonderful to see Josh learning so much and growing in confidence so he is now so ready for his school adventure.  You guys do an awesome job, thanks.

Thank you so much for looking after Matt, for inspiring and supporting him and our family. This is really the end of an era for our family as we have attended Active Explorers Masterton since opening day.  What fantastic staff you have, always coming up with genius ideas and having extraordinary patience, encouraging kids to cooperate, make friends, pursue many many interests explore and develop coordination and so much more.  We have always appreciated the feedback on our kids and helpful advice and encouragement.  We will really miss the staff our friends at the centre, a massive thank you to you all.

A huge thank you for your love and care of Rikki over the last 5 years. You are a big part of who she is and played a major role in her confidence and education.

A huge massive thank you so much for the last four and half years. It has been an amazing journey with you and I appreciate every single one of you that Harry and myself have meet along the way.