Our Rooms

Active Explorers Mana has four separate rooms, enabling us to deliver age appropriate experiences for children at each different stage of their development.


This room caters for our youngest Active Explorers, from birth through to 18 months.


Specially designed for our children aged around 18 months to 2.5 years.


This is home away from home for our 2.5 to 4 year olds.


Kanuka caters for our oldest children aged 4 to 5 years.

In our Ngaio and Taupata rooms we place a strong focus on free and natural movement. We believe that children should not be put in positions that they are unable to get into or out of themselves, so we do not use high chairs.  We also believe children will develop at their own pace. We provide open ended resources which allow children to explore with infinite possibilities. Children need to learn to experience possibilities for themselves, we can’t give children experiences.

Programmes in our Manuka and Kanuka rooms place strong emphasis on the development of responsive, respectful, working partnerships between children, teachers, parents/whanau and members of the wider community.  Opportunities are created for children to investigate and explore, with plenty of stimulating resources and experiences that support and extend learning. Through communication, exploration and creative expression children share their learning and development, which is documented and celebrated on wall displays, slide shows, video footage and in children’s profiles.