We absolutely recommend Active Explorers Leeston. The teachers obviously love children and our son was so happy there. They have hit the mark with a great mix of academic, creative and physical play.

Clare and Andy Francis

We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Neeny and her amazing team for the awesome experience our boys have had over the past few years. You have been instrumental in their development, helping them grow and learn. They have loved Active Explorers so much and will miss everyone there.

I struggled so much with returning to work and Zac being in care for so long, but he has done so well and loved it so much.

We will miss the friendliness of everyone and the personal hellos and goodbyes. I asked Zac what he will miss most, and he said, ‘Blake and the teachers”. Hopefully Zac will take to school as easily as he has taken to preschool. Thank you so much!

Mik, Martine, Tyler and Zac

10/10! I was really happy about my daughters improvement and I can say that all of the teachers are amazing, they are friendly and always greet you with a big smile! My daughter is always excited to go to daycare, and I am happy because my daughter is happy too!

Lady Lee Manigune

I chose to send my boys to Active Explorers Leeston because I loved how the kids there talked to you with confidence and were so happy. I love the outdoor area, and how kids are encouraged to get messy and just be children!

Misbil Kalajzich

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you, to all the staff who have supported and nurtured our boys over the last 3 years!!
You have always made them feel safe and cared for, and have certainly been a big part of their 'special years'. You're all amazing and so a fabulous job!!

Love Natahna and Liam

Natahna and Liam

Our little girl has loved going to this centre since being 4 months old, it has made her very confident with every task that she tries and I believe this is due to the fabulous staff.

The staff are very caring and make it very easy to leave her each morning, knowing she will be well looked after.

Active Explorers Leeston is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Thanks to all the great staff.

Samantha Hardy
Active Explorers Leeston

Our wee buddy loves this preschool as it has brought the best out of him. He now has more confidence and become more outgoing. We believe this is due to the staff keeping the children engaged and interested in activities.

Thank you to your team

Tracey and Nigel Crawford

Active Explorers is a fantastic centre that I would totally recommend to others.  The teachers are great with my kids.  They do so many activities and explore and focus on topics throughout the year. 

As a parent we are kept up-to-date with what is going on.  They also have many activities to include parents such as excursions, cross country, and Mataariki.  As a parent I definitely feel a part of Active Explorers and am very happy that my children belong to this Centre.


We love that our daughter is so loved and cared for at Active Explorers Leeston. All of the teachers have taken the time to get to know her and support and extend her interests of music, drama, dance and language.

Her relationship with her key teacher, Lisa, is very special, and her transition from the toddler room to the "big side" has been well supported and totally led by her needs and readiness.

Another awesome thing about Active Explorers is the environment and the inclusion of the children in caring for and developing their outdoor space - which is huge!

Kellie Shanahan

Active Explorers Leeston is fabulous, and I really mean that! What brilliant teachers.  They all have such a warm nature and very kind to all the children.  My son Gus goes here and he absolutely loves each day... they let the children do what they love the most. I think you are an awesome team and I couldn't be happier that Gus goes to such a caring Preschool. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL YOUR A FABULOUS TEAM.

Sarah-Kate Flewellen

As a preschool teacher myself, finding somewhere that met my high expectations was a huge task.  But from my first visit to Active Explorers, the caring professional staff, the warm welcome and the genuine interest in my family won me over. My children have settled quickly and I have seen them thrive and grow in this rich environment. #happychildrenhappymummy

Thank you Active Explorers.

Tarryn Dewell