Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara is a great place for child care. We feel so comfortable leaving our son at this centre. The teachers take one-on-one interest in every child and make sure they pass all the feedback to the parents. Our son has evolved into a very sociable kid and we can clearly see the confidence that has been instilled into him by Active Explore Kaiwharawhara. The hygiene related habits particularly were something we were struggling to get our son to do but after going to this centre, he has simply adopted it without any fuss since he respects what his teachers tell him - our son listens to his teachers more than us :-). The centre manager is the best; she is very compassionate and understands any problems parents have and goes out of her way to help them. She goes about her work in a quiet but thoroughly efficient manner and we are blessed to have her managing this centre. We are extremely grateful to her and her teachers for making our son a strong and confident child and would recommend Active Explorers Kaiwharawhata to everyone!

Satish Rajkumar

Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara has been such a good choice for our little boy! The staff are all so friendly and welcoming and from day one we have felt comfortable and reassured. It really feels like our little boy is loved and valued as the individual that he is. Kimberley responds promptly to emails and is always happy to answer questions. The infants room always has a calm and peaceful atmosphere and our little boy is always happy to be there. Being at Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara has helped our little boy to become more confident and sociable, and we are confident that he will continue to thrive there.

Vicky Ryan

Hunter has had two and half happy years at Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara. He has developed lot of skills and enjoyed it very much. He will miss the views of the trains and boats. The teaching team has been great in the support they have given to Hunter's learning and our family. I couldn’t have done it without the great team at Active Explorers and I can’t thank you enough. 

Thanks for helping Hunter become the wee man he is today!

Rachel Fitzwater

We are sad to be leaving Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara as Eddie is happy here and we are very pleased with the level of care he has received. Thanks so much Susan and Kimberley!


Our daughter has been very, very happy in the Infants Room and we have the greatest respect and affection for the whole team. She is noticeably more social, settled and confident than other babies in our antenatal group which tells me I made the right choice.

The entire infants room team, and the wider staff, have been incredibly kind and patient. The teachers hold very genuine affection for our the kids and go to great lengths to ensure they are happy, secure and receiving appropriate developmental opportunities. Every morning our daughter shrieks with delight when she sees her teachers and we've never, ever had tears at drop-off time.

We've shared our daughter’s Storypark content with our extended families - the grandparents in particular have appreciated seeing these lovely updates as both my parents and my husband's parents live out of town. Thank you for this.


I am so pleased we found Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara. After initially enrolling our son into another childcare facility and finding that we were not comfortable with him in there, it was really refreshing to meet the Centre Manager and to find a centre that shares similar values and ideas about childcare as our own. Anne-Marie couldn't have been more accommodating - not only did she have a place for our son almost immediately but she was very reassuring when answering the tone of questions that I had as an anxious first time mum!

The teachers in the infants room are great and our son seems really happy there. I can leave him for the day and not worry about him as I know they do a great job. He even sleeps and eats better at Active Explorers than he does at home! A sure sign that he has settled well.

Tash & Adam

Active Explorers Kaiwharawhara are fantastic-the teaching staff provide a caring and supportive environment. They encourage independent play and thinking and are flexible in catering for our daughters ever changing interests.