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We are a modern, purpose built centre with four separate rooms for the children so that they can grow and develop in an age appropriate environment.

Our playgrounds cater to Southland’s changeable weather environment where we provide nice wide open spaces as well as several well designed covered areas where children can still get outside while being protected from the elements. i.e. we have fully covered in sandpits in both the under two and over two playgrounds. The under two’s have a fully enclosed deck area and the over two’s have a large ship like structure which can be fully enclosed.

We provide a subsidised swimming programme for the older children in the term before they head off to school. All schools in Southland receive funding from the Invercargill Licensing Trust to do swimming and as a result Southland is one of the only regions where all children get the opportunity to do swimming.  Our swimming programme provides children with the opportunity to build their confidence and basic skills in the water before being exposed to this as a new entrant at primary school.  As a result we are very proud to see the growth in the children – not only in their confidence but also with their capabilities in being able to swim.

All meals are provided fresh on site every day by our dedicated cook.

ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services. ERO’s reports are used by parents, teachers, early childhood education managers, school principals and trustees, and by government policy makers.

Early childhood services are reviewed on average once every three years. Reviews will be more frequent where the performance of a school or centre is poor and there are risks to the education and safety of the students, or less frequent where a school has a stable reporting history and demonstrates good self-review processes and use of its assessment information.

You can read our centre’s ERO review here.

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Monday to Friday: 7:30 am – 5:45 pm

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Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Ages Catered For:

3 Months – 5 Years