My babies first joined the daycare family when they were 8 months and 2 years old. My 2 year old was ready for something new in her life to support her already independent personality to flourish. I hadn't anticipated leaving my 8 month old quite that early but the teachers and staff made the transition for me so much easier. The administration conversations are made easy by the lovely centre manager and I have no problem approaching any of the staff if I need to.

 My girls love it here, they are learning and discovering more each day and the care and love shared with them by the staff is heartwarming. I find the staff easy to communicate with, and trust them wholeheartedly to help me raise my girls. I would recommend this centre to anyone looking for a warm, loving daycare that promotes independence and learning. I have not regretted our choice of daycare ever.

Malinda Woolf

As a working parent I am always torn between returning to work and leaving my precious baby in care. Active Explorers really allayed my guilt seeing how my girl has thrived. From the first day a special attachment teacher becomes her main carer to enable a bonding relationship. The environment is stimulating and enriching, certainly far more resources than I can ever manage at home myself! We also have regular themed activities, cultural/community events and outings, further connecting the children to the world around them outside the classroom. Teachers use their own initiatives often going above and beyond what is basically expected, spending their own time and materials just to give the children a rich experience, for which I am truly grateful. I must mention also how much more agile and developed my girl is compared to her older siblings, which I put down to the skills learned in outdoor play area. Finally the place always smell great from the wonderful cooking/baking!


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