Why choose us?

There are a host of reasons why families choose Active Explorers Glenfield Rimu Here are just a few of them:

  • Lovely modern building which is homely and welcoming
  • Convenient location handy to our local Glenfield mall 
  • Short day (8.30am to 3.30pm) and long day (7.30am to 6pm) options
  • We offer an environment rich in intentional teaching and free play opportunities to stimulate our children’s natural exploration and interests
  • We supply nappies and wet bags for wet clothing and togs
  • Our full time centre cook creates delicious, nutritious morning tea, cooked lunch and afternoon tea
  • Different learning spaces for each age and stage with a focus on tuakana teina relationships where we come together to learn from each other.
  • Strong community focus
  • Termly visits from our local librarian delivering a love of literacy through stories and rhythm and rhyme  
  • Weekly complimentary Hey Dee Ho music classes during term times
  • Weekly complimentary Little Scientist classes
  • Regular excursions to our sister centre Active Explorers Glenfield Kea 

At AE Glenfield Rimu, we firmly believe that the environment serves as the "third teacher" for our young learners. We understand that the environment is not just a backdrop but an active participant in the growth and development of tamariki. By embracing its potential, we create an inspiring and transformative learning space where tamariki thrive, learn, and make lasting connections.

As kaiako at AE Glenfield Rimu, we embrace the concept of the environment as the "third teacher" to empower children to take ownership of their learning journey. They develop a sense of agency, independence, and responsibility as they navigate through a thoughtfully designed space that encourages autonomy and decision-making. Our role as teachers is to observe, facilitate, and document these meaningful interactions, fostering a love for learning and a deep connection to the world around them.

Art, Fine Motor Skills, Construction, Science

Kaiako provide intentional experiences and provocations for tamariki to be curious, problem solve and explore the world around us from how things work and how things exist from mountains and birdlife to insects and ocean animals using many resources, stories, and messy play opportunities to support your children’s inquiry learning.

Social Emotional Development and Collaborative Play

The teaching team delight in providing a warm nurturing interactive learning environment where tamariki can feel safe and confident to use their strengths and talents to grow and develop in their ability to be life-long learners. Many skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, friendship development, self-regulation, leadership, emotional & social competence are fostered through capturing tamariki’s interests and supporting their curiosity, exploration, and creativity.

Literacy, Numeracy & School Readiness

Children are given many opportunities to be creative, use their imagination, grow in understanding and ability in literacy and numeracy and problem solve in their everyday play and interactions. 

Home Corner & Imaginative Play

At AE Glenfield Rimu, our kaiako strongly believe that imagination play plays a vital role in tamariki's development. Through imaginative play, tamariki can explore and make sense of the world around them, express their thoughts and emotions, and develop important cognitive, social, and emotional skills.


Pink Shirt Day

ECE plays a foundational role in preventing bullying later in life by having a strong focus on developing children’s social and emotional competencies. As we do in our everyday practice we will be focusing on positive guidance and reminding, teaching, role modelling kindness, turn taking and respectful listening and talking, how to positively express feelings and emotions, how to be a good friend and how to recognise the qualities of a good friend in a fun interactive way.

Mother’s Day

Laughter, flowers, gifts, and hugs are all for you, our lovely mothers. We hope all our moms enjoy their 'Grab And Go' morning tea 

We love treating all our lovely Mums or significant person that fills this role in our children’s lives, with a ‘Grab n Go’ hot drink and a chocolate. To celebrate each person and the valuable role they play in each child’s life, your children have all proudly prepared special little gifts for you too

Earth Day

Earth day is every day at Active Explorers.  Our tamariki learn through every day experiences the importance of kaitiakitanga through reusing, recycling, and taking care of our environment and each other.

Anzac Day

Through stories and hands on experiences children learn about remembering and showing whakaute/respect for our whanau who served in the war.


Easter is always a fun filled time as children take part in Easter themed arts and crafts leading up to Easter and our exciting easter egg hunt.  During this time children learn about being hopeful, joyful, kindness, sharing and gratefulness.


Our Matariki Art Walkthrough evening was such a delight to connect with our whānau. This time provided opportunity for our children to feel proud of their learning space and know that their contribution to the learning environment is valued. We also greatly appreciated the donated veggies for our soup. Rachel did a fabulous job at warming up the evening with her delicious soups.

Celebrations and Nutritious Meals

At Active Explorers we value celebrations and children are made to feel extra special on their birthdays or when they transition on to their next learning journey with a personalised cake that is made by our dedicated centre cook, Rachel, who puts so much love and care into the nutritious and delicious meals that she prepares for our tamariki.  Every day tamariki receive home-made healthy meals and Rachel loves to try new child-friendly options which supports children's sensory development and experimentation of new things whilst still making sure to respond to their taste preferences and getting all the nutrition that they need. 

Portfolio Breakfast

Whānau/parents have a valuable role in promoting the development and learning of tamariki. Our termly Portfolio Breakfast provides opportunity for us to partner with our whānau to meet the unique needs of our individual tamariki, resulting in tailored provisions within the setting and the opportunity for diverse cultural inclusion in our teaching. Ultimately, this commitment ensures the provision of high-quality care and education for our tamariki to thrive and learn. Our whānau enjoy the delicious spread that Rachel always puts on as much as our tamariki love her cooking too.

Our philosophy

 Active Explorers provide a nurturing interactive learning environment where relationships that reflect our values are at the heart of supporting children to develop a love for learning to become capable competent lifelong learners. Our teachers/kaiako design the curriculum to support individual development within a collaborative environment that inspires curiosity, knowledge, imagination, and respect, fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging as children grow in confidence discovering their valued place within the world and that which is around them. Active Explorers value parent whānau relationships as this partnership is pivotal in understanding, supporting, and providing meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for all children.

About Evolve

Evolve Education Group is a leader in early childhood education, with over 100 centres across New Zealand offering a range of top quality learning options for all of our families.

Our highly regarded brands – which include Active Explorers, Lollipops, Pascals, Learning Adventures, Little Wonders, Little Lights and Little Earth Montessori – nurture children to love learning and become the best they can be. Rich and diverse educational opportunities are delivered by passionate, experienced educators in purpose designed centres equipped with the latest learning resources.

Evolve Education Group is helping shape the future, preparing little minds for great things in today’s ever changing world.