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Our People

Natasha Rangitihi
Centre Manager

I believe to provide children with quality care and education all relationships, communication and interaction between colleagues, parents and children must be based on respect and trust. We work together to create an environment that nurtures, extends and supports children in becoming confident, capable and independent young people.

I believe that children should be given the opportunity to learn and discover their environment at their own pace and our role is to support ongoing opportunities to enable children to further develop physical and social skills as well as a deeper understanding of their world.


  • Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood
  • Full Registration
  • Current first aid Certificate
Anna Broughton
Team leader Room 1 & 2

I respect that all children do things in their own time so I allow them every opportunity to do things for themselves. I will provide a safe, secure, calm and nurturing environment where children feel confident to be themselves and that they will see the world around them as a positive and powerful place in which they will succeed.

I will provide an environment that is filled with fun, happiness, laughter, love and warmth. I believe in respecting children and families as individuals, in that all people have their individual way of doing things, have different morals, cultural differences and values that are important to them.


  • Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
  • Full Registration
  • Current first aid Certificate
Kylie Comeskey
Team leader room 4

Kia ora my name is Kylie Comeskey

I have been an Early Childhood Teacher since 2005 and hold a Bachelor of Teaching – Early Childhood Education.

I have been working at Active Explorers since 2010, I love my job and sharing my knowledge with the children I teach, watching them grow into independent, strong little people. My philosophy is based hugely on respect and fostering positive relationships with both children and their families. I believe that through respect children know they are important and are therefore empowered to learn and engage in activities that they choose to which sets their own path for learning. I like to allow children time and space to experience things at their own pace and encourage them to give everything a try (of course with them knowing I am there to support them should they need it). I believe in equitable opportunities for all children and ensure that everyone gets a fair go. I also strongly believe that preschool should be fun!!

I love music, and my friends and family are incredibly important to me and I try to spend as much time with them as I am able to. I love the outdoors and try to stay as fit and healthy as I can through kayaking, walking and running.


  • Bachelor of Teaching – Early Childhood Education
  • Full Registration (308196)
  • Current First Aid Certificate
Jessica Ryan
Team leader room 3

Kia ora my name is Jessica Ryan.

I have been working at Active Explorers since 2010, and during this time I have completed an upgrade to my Bachelor of Teaching (E.C.E) and obtained my full teacher registration

As a teacher, I believe that children should be empowered to achieve and do things by themselves and when they are ready. I believe they learn everything they need to know at this age through play, activities and experiences, without too much structured learning involved. I believe children are individuals and see them in this way. Treating each child in a calm and respectful manner and using positive interactions to build relationships. Through providing options and giving the children choices I will promote independence and show I respect their opinions.

I believe in providing an environment that is safe, secure and stimulating for the children so that they can get the most out of their time in a centre. I believe space to run and explore is important as well as quiet areas for rest and space to themselves. I think children need the chance to revisit activities and experiences, yet they also need new challenges and task regularly to keep them engaged and excited about learning and trying new things.  I aim to support and encourage children as I assist them to learn, grow and develop into unique individuals, who know they are respected and have a voice and a choice in life.


  • Bachelor of Teaching – Early Childhood Education
  • Full Registration (330447)
  • Current First Aid Certificate

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