Nigel Latta talks parenting in Hawkes Bay

Parenting guru Nigel Latta touched down in Hawkes Bay last week, to share valuable insights with around 100 local parents.

Hosted by Evolve Education Group, Latta gave witty and insightful talks at Active Explorers Greenmeadows.

Latta’s witty, relaxed style proved to be a big hit with attendees, who all came away with a very clear message: Provide your kids with warmth, safety and limits, and they’ll be fine.

Evolve Centre Transition Manager Paula Hawkings said she was delighted to give Hawkes Bay families the opportunity to benefit from Latta’s wisdom.

“We wanted to give our local community and existing families a thankyou for their ongoing support and bringing Nigel Latta into the community to share his expertise was a very meaningful way to do that,” she said.

“Like all parents, we at Evolve Education Group are deeply committed to the ongoing care and education of our children, so the chance to provide educational and experienced feedback from the parenting guru himself was wonderful.”

Top Tips from Nigel

New Zealand psychologist and author Nigel Latta is a household name to many Kiwi parents navigating the trials and tribulations of raising kids. His humour – and humanness – provide real relief for those of us who are always second guessing our parenting skills.

Last week Latta visited two Evolve centres in the Hawkes Bay, sharing some of his insights with our families – including the excellent news that it is very hard to “stuff up” or “break” your children!

According to Latta, so long as these three key ingredients are consistent throughout childhood, we parents are doing a pretty good job:

  • Warmth
  • Limits
  • Safety

Latta said it was crucial for kids to experience disappointment and have rules and boundaries - and he stressed that parents should do what feels right for them and their family, not feel guilty for doing (or not doing!) things.

That long list of ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t do’s’? Latta reckons they’re nonsense.

“You’re going to make mistakes, but don’t worry about it!”

And the best part of all? We must always remember to have fun as a family, because in the words of the expert:  “Fun is the grease of family life.”