Active Explorers Henderson raises money for the Himalayan Trust

During the month of May, Active Explorers Henderson have been celebrating 65 years since Sir Edmund Hillary accomplished the expedition to climb Mount Everest.

This iconic feat has sparked a lot of interest in the rooms and ensured that we join the expedition by climbing 8848 meters to raise money for the Himalayan Trust. We have done a range of different learning experiences this month that ties in with this theme, and strengthens it further - from creative art pieces, physical challenges, ICT work, messy to dramatic play experiences.

This project has been a huge success, and we have been able to raise $300 so far for the children of Nepal. This money will be used to support them going to school, provide health care and support the access to food and water for remote areas.

Experiences such as these help to develop our sense of self and help to promote our own place in the world. It is the beginning of recognizing that we have the ability to make an impact in our lives and that of others. We have celebrated our growing understanding of our world and our larger community, making strong connections with people, places from other countries. We could recognize the similarities between us and them and provide a real connection to our learning. Through the learning we celebrated iconic Kiwis and celebrated those who accomplished their dreams and are admired through history and of today. This helps to show that we can accomplish our dreams and encourages us to dream big.