Our Rooms

Active Explorers Tauriko has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver age appropriate experiences for children at each different age and stage.

Koru Room

Our infant space caters for our children aged 3 months to 2 years, and it is divided into two areas. One area is for our infants who are not yet moving or have just begun movement and is the ideal environment for them to develop strong relationships with their teachers and gain a sense of belonging as well as develop their physical skills. The second area is designed for free play, and is filled with books, family play, puzzles, art, messy play and more. Our children also have a large outdoor space full of challenges to explore.

Daily Rhythm

7:30 am: Room opens for all children at the centre. Settling period before transitioning off to the Kowhai and Rata rooms at 8.30am. Free play until morning tea

9:30 am: Morning tea. Changing and care routines are carried out throughout the morning to ensure the children are comfortable and nurtured in their play.

10:00 am: Inside and outside free play which often includes art, water play or messy play

11:30 am: Lunch

12:00 pm: Sleep routines start, free play for children staying awake

2:00 pm: Afternoon tea

2:15 pm: Free play until home time

5:30 pm: Centre closes

In the Koru room we have a daily rhythm, however, we work alongside parents to ensure we meet your child’s home routine to keep a consistent link between home and the centre. Each child has their own sleep time during the day, and we will have their meal and care routines around that. With under 1s comes more sleep, bottles and feeding times. We ensure our daily rhythm meets all our children’s individual needs and care routines.

Kowhai Room

Our toddler room is set up for our 20 months to 3 year olds. We provide indoor/outdoor flow with an environment that supports and encourages free play and exploration of the schemas. We provide lots of messy play opportunities, allowing children to explore through the senses and make new discoveries about their physical, social, and natural worlds.

Daily Rhythm

7:30 am: Centre opens, All children start their day in the Koru Room

8:30 am: Children transition to Kowhai Room, inside and outside play and exploration with provocations

9:30 am: Rolling morning tea begins

Changing and care routines are carried out throughout the morning to ensure the children are comfortable and nurtured in their play

11:30 am: Lunch, followed by transition to bed and quiet inside and outside activities.

2:00 pm: Rolling afternoon tea starts, with inside and outside play available

3:00pm: Room is packed up and children merge into the Koru room

5:30 pm: Centre closes

Our Kowhai room is set up around key rituals within our play environment. Our key rituals include, open ended play opportunities to encourage curiosity and discover as well as the urges/schema in explorations. Foundation developmental support through lots of loose parts play and reviewed play environments to explore. Flexibility within routines ensures freedom to explore with confidence. Rituals (e.g. meals and sleep times) are unhurried, and at the pace of the children to ensure peaceful transitions.

Rata Room

This vibrant and welcoming room is a home away from home for our biggest Active Explorers. A place where children can explore their interests both indoors and outdoors and prepare for the next phase of their learning journey – primary school! Rata room is a child-led environment set up to allow intentional learning to occur and help children gain skills for lifelong learning.

Daily Rhythm

7:30 am: Centre opens, all children start their day in the Koru Room

8:00 am: Rata children transition to Rata room; free play and learning experiences inside and outside for Rata Room children

9:30 am: Rolling Morning tea begins

10.00am: Free play, inside and outside activities

11:15 am:  Mat time (optional)

11:30 am: Rolling Lunch

12.10pm: Free play, Inside outside flow available

2:00 pm: Rolling afternoon tea

3:45pm: Room is tidied and packed away

5:30 pm: Centre closes

Our Rata room rhythm is child led and the environment is set around the current interests of the children each day. During the school terms our Rata and Kowhai room children have the opportunity to participate in Gyminis a gymnastic based programme in our outdoor area once a week. Every second week we are fortunate to have the library bus visit and our teachers adhere to our excursion policy and procedure in planning for this event. Although the rhythm includes an optional mat time we will at times hold spontaneous mat times to accommodate special events, celebrations, or visits.