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He taonga te mokopuna, kia whāngaia, kia tipu, kia rea
A child is a treasure, to be nurtured, to grow, to flourish


At Active Explorers Tai Tapu, we focus on fostering each child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. We also offer a well-resourced and engaging curriculum for each age group that is specific to their emotional and educational needs, personal interests and activity level. The low child to teacher ratio also ensures individual interaction that assists the development of a lifelong love of learning and the children are encouraged to ask questions and experiment.

We inspire a lifelong love for learning, a love for life.

We view children as competent, capable, and confident learners and treat each child with respect and dignity to strengthen their mana, expressing manaakitanga. We acknowledge each child as an individual and create meaningful experiences and opportunities that reflect their interests. Ako can be seen through our partnerships with children as we work together to build knowledge and empower them to explore their world.

We foster our children’s social competence by modelling the skills necessary for initiating and maintaining successful relationships and guiding them through conflicts with one another. We value kotahitanga by involving children in decision making and the creation of social rules for the classroom. Children are naturally empathetic towards others and regularly show kindness and affection. We support children to learn to recognise, understand and express their emotions appropriately. We foster increasing independence and view persisting with difficulty as an important part of learning; we offer age-appropriate challenges and healthy risk taking to encourage this.

Our centre is a natural setting and where possible our resources are sourced from nature. We design the environment to enrich the lives of our children and families, a place where we can wonder, imagine, discover, and create. By upholding a loving and peaceful environment we build a sense of security and belonging within our preschool community. We strongly believe in a play based curriculum which supports and grows children’s capabilities across all holistic dimensions; cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and cultural. We value the way children express their knowledge of the world through creative communication in dance, music, drama and visual arts.

We view the early childhood curriculum as a bicultural document that embraces the uniqueness, culture and identity of our learners. We also reflect and value the principles of The Treaty of Waitangi in our practice. We value and encourage whanaungatanga, collaborative partnerships, with parents and whānau to develop shared learning goals and aspirations. We also cherish partnerships with the community and regularly participate in community events.

For our infants and toddlers we believe in and promote freedom of movement and respectful relationships. Our environment is calm, relaxed, loving, and unhurried which supports and allows all children to explore and unfold naturally, as nature intended.

Our readiness for school programme is strongly embedded into our curriculum and focuses on literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional competence.

Active Explorers is an inspirational place of learning that nurtures and celebrates enquiring minds.

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