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Kakano (3 - 17 months)

We embrace free movement in Kakano allowing the child’s motor development to unfold naturally. We also do not put babies into positions they can’t get into themselves so their movement is not restricted in any way.

We offer heuristic play resources and safe climbing equipment to satisfy an infant’s natural desire to explore and test themselves. We also offer resources such as books, puzzles and more to provide a well-rounded learning experience. However, we do not provide art or messy play in this room due to our belief in respectful practices and care.

Koru (16 months - 2.5 years)

In Koru we encourage development through play, either heuristic play or using our range of toys such as dolls, construction and puzzles. Safe climbing equipment is also offered in this room for toddlers to practice climbing and build physical strength.

We provide art activities in this room such as painting and drawing, as well as water play, messy play, play dough and other sensory activities. Toddlers will learn self-help and self-care while being supported by their primary caregiver.

Rakau (2 years - 3.5 years)

This is where children strive to become independent thinkers and learners, so we create a daycare environment that supports them as individuals. The experiences in this room are child initiated so we give them the opportunities to explore, experiment or analyse their play choices.

The resources are presented at the level of the child, allowing them to decide what to play with which builds their interests. Teachers then develop plans to build on these interests and challenge their thinking.

Ngahere (3.5 years - 5 years)

Children in this age group learn best from play and routine, and we try to stick to our daily routine. We provide a variety of toys and resources at the child’s level so they are in control of their activities and interests. These children also start to build social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

This is where we ready the children for their transition from kindergarten into primary school, so we focus on supporting them in learning the concepts of responsibility and understanding their limits.

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