Our Rooms

Our centre caters for children aged from 0 - 5 years old and they are divided into three age appropriate areas, divided into two separate rooms. Each room is well-resourced and spacious to allow children the freedom to explore and learn while feeding their curiosity.

The age groups in the two areas are:

Junior room 2 ½ - 5 years

Infant and Toddler room 0-2½ years

Infant & Toddler Room

In the Infant and Toddler environment we offer a warm and stimulating environment that is rich in resources and motivated teachers. For children under 2 we encourage the role which allows a child to form a trusting relationship with their settling teacher that creates a secure and safe environment in which they can explore and learn. Once these key relationships are formed, we believe in all teachers supporting your child’s development. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and that is what we do.

We believe in providing an environment and daily routine that explores the different areas of The Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whāriki that lay the foundations for our children’s future success.

Junior Room

In the Junior room we offer a fun and friendly environment where children’s learning is encouraged through self-selective play and group learning opportunities, based on the Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whāriki. These are supported by a framework of routines and activities that suit the needs and abilities of the children in our care. We aim for these routines to be unhurried and respectful of fostering the children’s independence, unique skills and learning. We provide a transition to school programme for 4 year olds that focuses on essential skills and areas of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework (Ministry of Education, 1993).

We firmly believe that through the way that we deliver the ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki, we are building your child’s ability to move forward to formal learning environments.

What makes us different...

At Active Explorers Cambridge Terrace we have created a home away from home. Our philosophy has been created through the partnerships and relationships of our staff and whānau. We value respectful relationships for all and believe that children foster a lot of knowledge that can be explored through our environment.

Our staff are all welcoming and have a true passion for care and education. All of our staff build strong relationships with all of the children in their care and are creative, energetic, approachable people.

We also have an onsite cook who provides healthy and nutritious meals that have been approved by the heart foundation.

We believe in actively building on children’s interests and plan our individualised programmes around what your child is interested in.

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