It has been awesome watching Bella learn te reo Maori, listening to her speak so confidently and clearly. You also teach her new songs that she often comes home and shares with me. 

It is awesome when I pick her up and she is outside having lots of fun. She is happy and always loves the water play experiences on offer. I love that she gets to experience different trips and outings in the community, and I am excited for the school trips that she will have as she gets closer to the big transition into school and meeting her new teachers. 

You have nurtured her creative side supporting her as she expresses herself through art, music, dance and storytelling. 

I have seen her grow into the confident and competent wee girl with the teachers that are always ready to listen and really care for us as a family.  


I have had my daughter, Lilly, enrolled at Active Explorers on Broadway for a little over a year ago, at the age of 1yr.

There were a few elements that were really important to me when choosing the right place for Lilly, having food provided was a big one and when I walked in and saw the range of food that was provided to the kids I was excited and then as soon as I walked into the babies room and feel within the space I was sold.

Lilly started in the babies room and progressed to the toddlers, and during this time I have seen her develop and grow so much and this, I believe, comes down to the hands on approach of the teachers and the passion they have to ensure that all the children get the best guidance to meet their own personal needs and not just a blanket approach.

From the moment you walk through the door you are greeted with a warm smile from behind reception and once you get into the room.

Recently I have been struggling with some of the behaviors my daughter has been showing (they call it the terrible 2’s for a reason) and the teachers in her room have been so supportive and understanding of some of the changes I have asked to be put in place to assist with this transition and without any question.

I would highly recommend Active Explorers, Broadway to anyone


Our family has been a part of the Active Explorers whanau for the past 7 years now. Within this time two of our children have transitioned throughout their three age focused rooms are now at school. I currently have a two year old who still attends. Our whanau's journey has been one that the centre has individualised for each of our children's' needs and abilities. I always feel that our voices are heard and respected by the centre manager, Mel Hall. The centre always makes you feel welcome and the key teachers are always eager to tell you how your child's day has been, what they have been doing and how they support them in their interests. The genuine care and love the key teachers show my children is very important. Both my husband and I work fulltime and want our children to be receiving the best care possible. I feel that if there is a concern this is addressed immediately and in a professional manner. I understand that key teacher's move on from time to time which can be unsettling for my children however consultation with my husband and I always occurs prior to ensure that our children are supported. Our children have health plans that need to be monitored closely, I feel that the key teachers over the years have always kept focus on this and ensure all appropriate staff that needs to be aware are informed and are vigilant in updating the
plan and consulting with us. This is reassuring to us as parents as we have to trust this will occur, it is great to know that this does. As parents a healthy diet is important to us, the centre always provides nutritious meals throughout the day and we can relax with the comfort of knowing that our children are being nourished with the right fuel for their busy day. I was pleased that the centre is now taking an active role in attending transition visits to school. Our middle daughter at the end of last year started school and was very impressed that her key teacher Pooja attended also. I found this to be over and above. Pooja did state that she could pass on our daughters learning's and interests to her new school teacher and wanting to ensure that our child was supported to start their new school.
The off site visits for the children are one that our family look forward to, the more the better. I have noticed that since Mel has been manager there has been more. Mel appreciates and fully supports children experiencing new learning's and is active in ensuring this occurs. Our family has had the privilege of our first daughter having Mel as her key teacher, Mel always puts the children first, is child focused and experienced as an early childhood teacher. I would recommend the centre to anyone who would explore this as option for their child.

The Burridge whanau

Nixon started at Active Explorers Broadway when he was just 10 months old. The staff were very accommodating, assuring and helpful from the day they met him. Nixon grew from a small baby into a happy, caring little boy. Nixon has excelled in all areas of development since being enrolled at Active Explorers and this has significantly had an impact on our families trust and loyalty to the staff.

As the centre manager, Mell Hall always had a compassionate and caring nature towards Nixon and always kept us up to date on centre curriculum, activities and ongoing developments that involve the children. Our family is grateful for Nixon having such awesome teachers in his early education years and would recommend Active Explorers to everyone!

Leah Mataira

Our son has been attending Active Explorers Broadway for roughly 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier. Mason enjoys going every morning and has learnt so much. It’s important to us that Mason has a fun, safe and happy environment to attend every day and Active Explorers is exactly that and more. Mason comes home talking about the planets and gravity, he’s learning how to add numbers together and knows how to write his name. The staff have all exceeded our expectations. They are all very friendly and so easy to talk to but best of all they’re genuinely interested in Mason and our family.

Taryn & Michael

My 3 year old really enjoys coming into the centre every day and often asks if he is going today. He talks about the teachers that work there and has developed some lovely relationships with them. The Kiwi room is also welcoming to us when we walk in and attractive to the children, he is always wanting to show me something or one of his friends that he has made.

I enjoy the educational aspect and he often come home telling about this day and what happened. The teachers make a real effort with special events like the recent ANZAC focus, making it visible around the centre and he still talks about the events that they did around the event. They also provide trips out in the community that often link with their learning.

I enjoy that he has the chance to learn about all the different cultures at the centre through activities, songs and even food.

The use of Storypark is fantastic as it gives the opportunity for his grandparents to be able to see his learning when they don’t always see him. The stories are always great to read and a great form of communication when he is at the centre.

Byron Barr

The staff at Active Explorers Broadway made me and my two children feel welcome from the day we arrived. As a working mum, they made me feel at ease to leave my kids it a warm and welcoming environment which has encouraged their development. I have seen my children grow in confidence so much since joining the Active Explorers family and set in place the start of their learning journey. 

Sophie Richards

We are the parents of Katelina Renee Lim who is in the Tui room. She happily comes home with a great attitude and she has such a wonderful growing intelligence. Her manner we have especially noticed that she likes to read the books and speaks like an adult. As we have busy lifestyles we definitely will not get through this without Active Explorers Broadway and all the amazing teachers who are very passionate with the children and skilled, helpful, and friendly, it such as a safe second home to our children.

Jenny Lim

The staff at Active Explorers Broadway, Palmerston North have played a big part in the lives of two of our children.  They have flourished under the care, support and learning opportunities and experiences provided by their teachers.  Nathaniel continues to grow and thrive in his surroundings with teachers who genuinely care and want the very best for him by providing a safe and loving environment.  We highly recommend Active Explorers to parents who are looking for a warm, friendly, inclusive setting with professional staff to care for their children.

Kelly, Mark and Nathaniel

As a busy working mum, I needed somewhere I could 100% rely on to look after my daughter just as I would at home. I am so happy with my decision of choosing Active Explorers Broadway, the teachers have gone above and beyond caring for my daughter who suffers from eczema, and for food and nappies to be supplied, makes my life A LOT easier! What she has learnt at daycare astounds me, she is always coming home excited with what she has learnt that day, the education programme rocks! Thanks Active Explorers Broadway Palmerston North for making my life so much easier, you guys are awesome! 

Kylie O’Loughlin

Upon my first visit to Active Explorers Broadway, I was greeted by warm friendly staff, who were more than happy to show me around the centre. I was pleasantly surprised to find that each child is not only provided with their own cot, but also their own linen for that cot. The sleep space is a lovely environment, that is very calm and soothing for the children. I was also delighted to discover that nappies and food are provided for the children by the centre as part of the weekly fees.

Once my son started, everyone was amazing, the support to continue my breastfeeding journey was thoroughly provided by all staff members, who were always happy to see me when I came in. Every morning, we are greeted with smiles, asked how our son's night went, and when we pick him up, we are told how his day was.

The communication from staff to us as parents about our son, is fantastic. We love that we can trust that our boy will be in extremely safe hands when we take him in for the day. We appreciate everything that Active Explorers Broadway has done for our boy over the last 8 months. They have encouraged and supported his growth and learning to an extremely high standard, and we cannot thank them enough for that.

Thanks team!

Amy and Kayne Bohanna

The team at Active Explorers on Broadway Ave Palmerston North have been a significant part of my family’s life for the last four years as they have cared for my two children Ruby and Max.

My husband and I have found the staff to be loving, dedicated and nurturing, enabling our children to grow and develop in a happy and loving environment. As parents we have had complete confidence in the centres ability to care for our children and have always felt welcomed by the staff who work there. We would have no hesitation in recommending the centre to other families looking for an early childhood facility to care and nurture their children.

Gemma Vallender

The biggest draw card for me in choosing Active Explorers Broadway was the teacher child ratios. It meant my son was not lost in a corner of a large building or competing with 100 other kids for attention. The teachers are fantastic, very caring and really take the time to get to know the children and build relationships. My son has been very happy there which makes my day easier knowing he is enjoying himself and being looked after well. The story park updates keep you so update with their monthly or day-day activities with the extra individual stories which show how much the staff are doing to develop our children intellectually.