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Benefits of Active Explorers in Blockhouse Bay? 

At a young age, a child's every experience is a learning experience. They are constantly absorbing knowledge, and we can help ensure that your child doesn't miss out on valuable opportunities to learn. Enrol at Active Explorers Blockhouse Bay and watch your child grow positively from the experience. 

We ensure a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for all children. 


At Active Explorers Blockhouse Bay we take great care in selecting equipment that is educationally rich. We encourage your child to learn shapes, colours, textures, and other basics that will help prepare them for school. Mat time is a fantastic educational tool and we use this time to read, sing songs and discuss the current learning topic. 


We know that children benefit greatly from learning to socialise with people outside of their family at a young age. Being involved at Active Explorers Blockhouse Bay will help your child immensely when starting schol. We pay close attention to the children as they interact and encourage positive behaviour like sharing, being respectful, kindness, and developing an understanding of others. 

Health and Safety 

At Active Explorers Blockhouse Bay we always encourage healthy eating, exercise, hygiene, and safety. These very important life skills are constantly reinforced in a gentle but repetitive way. We always look for positive lessons in everything the children do, so you can be confident that your child will benefit from their time with us. 


We recognise and encourage the need to promote healthy eating behaviours in our children. We provide morning tea, a cooked lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We operate a four week menu and we cater for individual food needs and allergies. 


Our playground was specially designed by Jill Rice of "Get Outside" and provides children with a good play space and challenges, lots of choice and lots of fun. 

Trips and On-Site Functions 

Active Explorers Blockhouse Bay regularly takes all children on visits to places of interest as well as having lots of on site parent functions and special treats for the children. 


Both the babies, and the over-two areas have their own separated sleep rooms.

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