What We Do

At Active Explorers, we believe children’s learning begins at home. Forming responsive and reciprocal relationships with parents and whānau creates a collaborative intentional learning environment for teachers and children to build on their capabilities, strengths and interests.

We strive to provide quality care and education irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or ability through providing flexible environments and routines that cater for the individual child which are nurturing and safe.

Our assessment, planning and evaluation procedures, alongside our self review and appraisal processes, create a constantly improving practice culture for our teachers. Children enjoy a stimulating environment which celebrates their successes and their challenges.

We strive to provide a learning environment where the culture and identity of our tamariki is affirmed whilst recognising Māori and Tangata Whenua of New Zealand. We are continuously working towards an environment which is culturally rich and upholds the principles and spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi.

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